Welcome to the homepage of Vestmyr Ulfar. Based in Kendal, we are the Cumbrian group for Regia Anglorum - Saxon, Viking and Norman re-enactment.


Vestmyr Ulfar, old Norse for 'Wolves of the Western Moors', is one of the newer members in Regia Anglorum, starting our Cumbria Re-enactment group in 2017.

We host regular weapons training and craft workshops for our members, and take part in shows covering periods from the early eighth century, right up to the Anarchy Era, though our core period covers the Vikings, Saxons and Normans which we most commonly portray.

Whether fighting together in shieldwall formation on the battlefield, or demonstrating daily life in our living history displays, Vestmyr Ulfar portrays the history of the people of the North West a thousand years ago.


The centrepiece of our shows is often the battle re-enactment itself, where the infamous viking shield-wall is formed and the thunder of sword and spear on shield echoes to the heavens.

From the small-scale raids and skirmishes of local shows, to the epic battlefields of the York Viking Festival and English Heritage's Hastings re-enactment, the trained warriors of Regia Anglorum have carved themselves a reputation for fighting together as a band of brothers.

Whether we fight with a sword, spear, axe or mace, you can be assured that our warriors are trained and that we take enormous pride in how safe we are in what we do.


The heart of our re-enactment displays is the Wic (dwelling place) or encampment. This is where you will find our members demonstrating their crafts from weaving and leatherwork, to playing authentic early medieval instruments.

Here, you will always find someone to answer your questions, demonstrate their skills or to allow you to handle some of the weaponry in our armoury.


If you have any questions about our shows, want to join our society, or just have any general queries, please feel free to drop us an email at vestmyr.ulfar@gmail.com, or fill out the form on the Contact Us page to send us a message.